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Economic Update

In this 9 minute video, Interim CIO Dennis Duerst and Director of Investments Ryan Trabant Share Market Insights on 2023 YTD

Your Portfolio 

Your Portfolio 

At Landmark Wealth Management Group, we get to know you, your financial goals and your personal values in order to design a customized and comprehensive investment plan that’s right for you.

  • Investment strategies and philosophies to help meet your financial goals
  • Proper allocation of your investments to match your risk temperament
  • Flexibility to deal with volatile markets
  • Solutions with guarantees to help protect against market downside
  • Design a personalized and transparent plan for each client
Investment Strategies 

Investment Strategies 

Management of your investments, so you’re prepared to meet your future needs and handle market ups and downs along the way.

  • Conducting extensive research by our investment committee of both macroeconomic data and capital market activity to guide our investment decisions
  • Utilizing modern portfolio theory and a quantitative data-driven approach that enhances the decision-making process by removing emotions from investments
  • Investing effectively with a focus on compounding returns to grow and preserve wealth
  • Accumulation and distribution strategies
  • ETFs, Mutual Funds, individual securities, cash management