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How We Help with Investment Management

At Landmark Wealth Management Group, we want to get to know you, your financial goals, and your personal values. 
We design a customized and comprehensive investment plan tailored for you, including:

  • Investment strategies to help meet your financial goals at every stage of life
  • Portfolio flexibility to deal with volatile markets
  • Investment allocations to match your risk temperament & time horizon
  • Solutions to help protect against market downside
  • Personalized and transparent plan for each client
  • Access to an array of investment options offered by Fidelity that include ETFs, Mutual Funds, individual securities, and others

Once your goals and objectives are defined, our investment team will implement strategies with these key components:

  • An investment philosophy that focuses on risk-adjusted returns to help handle market ups and downs along the way
  • An experienced investment committee with backgrounds of analyzing macroeconomic data and capital market activity to guide our investment decisions
  • An approach that utilizes a combination of qualitative analysis and a quantitative data-driven approach that enhances the decision-making process
  • A belief that effective investing should focus on compounding returns and diversification to grow and preserve wealth

Stay Informed: Watch the Latest Economic Update Video

Wealth Advisors Chad Broberg & Cathy Jenson recently sat down with Interim Chief Investment Officer Dennis Duerst and Director of Investments Ryan Trabant for a conversation about the economy.

Monthly Market Commentary

February 2024

Monetary policy expectations continue to shift, particularly on the back of a worse-than-expected inflation report and significant job gains. The delicate balance the economy finds itself in will likely reignite debate on how successful the Federal Reserve may be in bringing inflation finally below its target rate without doing damage to the jobs market as well as overall economic growth. As with last month, cautious optimism in a potential soft landing may still be the predominant story, though the next inflation report and jobs report will be important ahead of the Federal Reserve’s next meeting on March 20th.


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