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  • Medicare A: Is “hospital insurance that covers inpatient expenses for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and some home health services”
  • Medicare B: Is “medical insurance that covers doctor visits, outpatient care, durable medical equipment and some home health services”
  • Medicare C: Or “Medicare Advantage”, gives beneficiaries the ability to choose a private insurance company to pay for Medicare A and B services instead of traditional Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans give you the option to choose prescription coverage
  • Medicare D: Is “prescription drug coverage” that helps cover the cost of covered medications 

What Do Health Insurance Brokers Help With?

Our health insurance brokers are experts on Health and Medicare Supplement insurance plans. They have a wide array of carriers and will provide analysis and guidance through the complicated Health Insurance marketplace. We can save you time with our in-depth research to help you find the plan and carrier best suited to you. After a plan is selected, they help you with signing up, billing, and claims, all at no extra cost to Minnesota, Florida, and Wisconsin residents.

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