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Part of your journey toward abundance means being able to give back to the causes and people you care most about. Giving back starts with one simple question: “How can I help?”

Vote for a Cause 

We need your vote! Landmark Wealth Management Group together with Thrivent invites you to vote and help us allocate our charitable funds from the Thrivent Community program. COVID-19 has restricted our abilities to volunteer at local organizations, but we want to continue to make a difference in our communities. We will donate funds to six charities that help our communities on the front lines, as mentioned in our Client Webinar earlier this week. Each organization will receive 50% of our planned budget, the other 50% is up to your vote. Also, if you are able to participate in the Thrivent Choice Program, you can also contribute to the organizations listed on our Vote for a Cause or to other organizations you care about – and influence how Thrivent distributes some of its charitable funding.  Voting closes December 1. Results will be emailed to you.

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Thrivent Communities

Through our local member-led Landmark Wealth Management Group Community Boards, we have been able to support our neighbors both nationally and internationally. From raising funds to raising buildings we enjoy giving back and seeing our community thrive.

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Thrivent Generosity Programs

Many of our clients are also members of Thrivent and are therefore eligible to participate in Thrivent Generosity programs, including Thrivent Choice, Thrivent Action Teams, and Habitat for Humanity programs. 

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Volunteer of The Month

Volunteer of The Month

Bonnie and Terry Webb are November’s Volunteers of the Month. They make generous donations to their local food pantry Stepping Stones. This year alone, they have donated over 3000 pounds of watermelons and over 1550 pounds of squash. Together they manage five huge gardens. Thank you, Bonnie and Terry, for touching lives in your local community and giving abundantly to those in need.

Helping Hands, Minneapolis Food Drive

Helping Hands, Minneapolis Food Drive

July 15, 2020

Virtual Silicon Valley Walk for Water 

Virtual Silicon Valley Walk for Water 

September 19, 2020

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