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Why Estate Planning Matters

Estate planning ensures you won’t leave a mess for your loved ones in case you are incapacitated or when you die. Estate planning can be complex and confusing. Working with our team will help you will find clarity and simplification in a process that can often times be overwhelming. 

We work with EncorEstate Plans, a team of estate planning attorneys located in 49 states, to build a personalized plan that may include: 

  • WILL: A legal document instructing what to do with your assets when you die.
  • TRUST: You (the trustor) create a trust to hold your assets for a third party (beneficiary). These assets are under the care of a trustee.
  • CERTIFICATION OF TRUSTCertifies that a trust exists and that the trustee has the right to act on behalf of the trust.
  • GENERAL TRANSFER: Transfers assets held outside of the trust into it without transferring everything individually.
  • PROPERTY AGREEMENT (IF NEEDED)Helps distinguish community property from individual property; this can be particularly relevant to married couples in certain states.
  • FINANCIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY: Gives someone (a trusted agent) authority to legally act on your behalf for financial matters.
  • MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY/ ADVANCED HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE: Gives someone the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated or too ill to make your own decisions.
  • HIPAA RELEASE: Grants specified people the ability to access your health records.

These estate plan templates are built by attorneys in your state and reviewed by human estate planners before they are returned to you.

Landmark Wealth Management Group does not provide tax or legal advice.  Nothing contained in these materials should be construed as tax or legal advice.  Estate Planning Services are provided by EncoreEstate Plans, a third party vendor used by Landmark Wealth Management Group. 

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