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Understand How Your 3M Company Pension Options Fit Into Your Retirement Planning

October 27, 2023

Understanding the 3M Company monthly payment or lump-sum pension options can be tricky.

In this brief video, Wealth Advisors Chad Broberg, BFA™, CASL®, CFP®, ChFC® , CLTC®, FIC, RICP®, Cathy Jenson, CFP®, and Jack McNamara discuss the Top 8 Things we at Landmark Wealth Management Group believe employees of the 3M Company should consider before selecting a pension plan.

At Landmark Wealth Management Group, we understand it can be difficult to comprehend how employee benefits of Fortune 500 companies fit into your retirement plan. Our team has worked with past and present 3M company employees throughout their working years and during their transition into retirement. 

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Landmark Wealth Management Group (“Landmark”) is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the 3M Company, nor the representatives of its benefits, retirement or pension plans.  Landmark has experience in helping investors gain a better understanding of company benefit and retirement plans and in reviewing options available, but Landmark may not have a complete picture of your particular situation. For comprehensive details of your specific plan and available options, it may be necessary to contact your Human Resources department and/or Retirement Plan Administrator.