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At Landmark, our goal is to help you retire with confidence. For over a decade, we have assisted Andersen Corporation employees in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and nationwide. The ways we can help you include:

  • Strategically manage assets and secure income streams for retirement
  • Determine which pension plan optimizes your needs
  • Evaluate health insurance options to find coverage that fits your lifestyle
  • Maximize 401(k) returns through customized investment strategies aligned with your financial goals
  • Prepare a comprehensive retirement plan that considers all aspects of your future needs and desires

We know retirement planning raises many questions. Our team of advisors will provide the answers you need to help guide you. With Landmark as your partner, you can look forward to a retirement that meets your definition of abundance.

Contact us today to start planning the bright future you deserve.

Landmark Wealth Management Group (“Landmark”) is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the Andersen Corporation, nor the representatives of its benefits, retirement or pension plans.  Landmark has experience in helping investors gain a better understanding of company benefit and retirement plans and in reviewing options available, but Landmark may not have a complete picture of your particular situation. For comprehensive details of your specific plan and available options, it may be necessary to contact your Human Resources department and/or Retirement Plan Administrator.

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