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With our Fee-for-Advice we will develop a comprehensive financial plan that addresses your unique situation and goals. The cost depends on the complexity of your financial situation and the analysis required. Working together, we can ensure our recommendations focus on what matters to you. This relationship is ongoing and you receive written recommendations and analysis on an annual basis. It can be terminated at any time upon your direction.

Services Include:

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive financial data gathering and review
  • Retirement accumulation strategies to help you reach your retirement goals
  • Retirement income distribution strategies to help provide you with the income you need
  • Investment planning using appropriate asset allocation based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals
  • Estate planning strategies that help preserve and transfer wealth
  • Stock option analysis, including strategies to exercise options and estimate resulting taxation
  • CPA and attorney collaboration to bring clarity to your overall financial picture and implement solutions
  • Acting as a fiduciary as established by the SEC when providing financial planning services to you

Implementation of your written recommendations will be done separately from the Financial Planning Services. You will determine whether and how to implement recommendations.

Managed Accounts Relationship and Financial Products 

Managed Accounts Relationship and Financial Products 

With our Managed Accounts Relationship and Financial Products we offer a wide array of investment and insurance product solutions and services to help you reach your goals.

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive financial data gathering and review
  • Guidance, annual review and ongoing service of investment and insurance products
  • Guidance on investment product and service selection
  • Setup work for new account(s)
  • Information on present investment accounts and investment products
  • Necessary paperwork processing for investment account maintenance
  • Addressing client-initiated phone calls and general questions
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