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Guiding Our Clients On Their Journey Toward Abundance Since 1975

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How We Help You: Landmark Guided Way

The Landmark Guided Way is our personalized planning strategy to help guide you on your journey toward abundance.

We begin by taking time to learn about your goals, values, and what you want out of life.

The Landmark Guided Way provides clarity about where you are at, confidence in where you are going, and conviction that you are making the right decisions.

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At Landmark Wealth Management Group, we like to say that our team helps guide you on your journey toward abundance. What is abundance?

One of the most common definitions of abundance is “plentiful, an overflowing fullness.” When connected with finances, it can mean affluent or wealthy. But abundance doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone; it doesn’t refer to a particular number. Abundance in your particular situation will depend on your values and goals and what you want out of life. In addition, abundance implies that you have more than you need, allowing you to be generous and share with family, friends, or your favorite charities.

Defining what a life of abundance means to you is the first thing we talk about when we meet with you. Once we’ve determined that, we can help guide you on how to get there. Your definition of abundance may change over time, and it’s ok: We are with you on this life-long journey. And when it’s time to talk to your kids and grandkids about their definition of abundance, we can be there for them too.

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"Personal rapport has always been an important part of wealth management for us.  Landmark believes in this too and it shows.  Bravo!"

-Steve G.

"In our experience, a person would look long and hard to find a wealth management organization as conscientious, organized, and knowledgeable as Landmark.  When considering Landmark’s welcoming, caring approach, we have found none better.  We are grateful to have them as partners and stewards of our future financial wellbeing."

-Dave P.

"Without the partnership with Landmark, I know we would not be where we are today. Thank you for your dedication to effective and sound advice."

-Todd & Rhonda P.

"The quality of service is excellent beyond our expectations.  I trust the Landmark team fully. The Landmark team helped us plan for retirement, explaining the philosophy and with each meeting prepared us for the next steps."

-Kathy L.

"Whenever a person selects a financial advisor there are some important prerequisites: Are they trustworthy? Are the recommendations in our best interests? Do the results match up with the recommendations?  Over the years of working with the Landmark Wealth Management the prerequisites have been met. The result is we retired as planned, confident of the financial decisions made with  Landmark Wealth Management Group."

-Tom & Marilyn A.

"When talking to the personnel at Landmark, we  feel like part of a family. If I ask a question, make a comment, or request a change, I get an immediate response."

-Edwin F.

"The Landmark team is competent, knowledgeable and very professional. The team is always very helpful and interested in meeting the needs of their clients."

-Bob W.

"Landmark Wealth Management Group works together as a very effective team. Each member of the team  provides their own particular skill set, knowledge, and experience, resulting in more benefit for us as clients than we could have gained by having just one wealth advisor."

-Judy D.

"I have been with Landmark for over 20 years. The Landmark team has been very responsive to my needs in reaching my retirement goals."

-Chris G.

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